Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Go to dinner2

I went to dinner with my friend, Azusa. We decided to go to dinner suddenly, so we went to 'gyoza no osyo'. I want there for the first time, so I was exciting. There were a lot of dishes, for example, gyoza and cyahan, ebichiri and ramen, and so on.

I like ebichiri so much, but I did not order it because Azusa do not like shrimps. Finally, we ordered a gyoza and a cyahan. We ate to share each other. I thought cyahan is much better than gyoza. I would like to go there again with Azusa!

I rode my friend on my car for the first time, so I tensed so much. Azusa said me 'your driving is so scary!', so I was sad. But I thought I try to practice my driving skill more, and I want to drive safety.

We listened to Taylor Swift in my car, and we like her songs. Azusa likes '22' the best of all Taylor Swift's songs, and I like 'Speak Now' the best! I wish I go to her concert with Azusa someday.

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Go to dinner!

I went to dinner on last Thursday with my friend, and the friend's name is Ayaka. She is my local and college friend, so we are so friendship! I was looking forward the day!

We had gone to school together before, but recently we cannot go to school. So I had a lot of things to talk. I wanted to go to 'Tsuno-cafe', but the cafe was closed. So we went to another restaurant, and we continued to talk ever, for example, school and love, part time job and so on. 

She always says 'I want a boy friend!', and she is so cute. So I wonder she cannot make a boy friend, and I hope she makes a boy friend someday.

We had a good time, and I was so happy. I thought I will do my best more and more, so I would like to go to dinner with her again!

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About my part time job!

I work in Italian restaurant, and the name is 'piattino italia'. I work there from last March, so I work for 10 months. I accustomed the job considerably.

There are a lot of dishes in the restaurant, for example, pizza and pasta, salad and relish, soup and desert, and so on. My restaurant's dishes are so good taste, and the pasta is raw noodle. So it is good and mochi-mochi in like Japanese taste. I like naporitan the best of all pasta in my restaurant. It is so good, and it differ to other restaurant. I want a lot of people eat it, and I recommend my friends so much.

I usually work there on every Saturday and Sunday. Both day is so busy, and a lot of customers come my restaurant. I think to be so hard and want to give up, but I am so fun to work there because I like the restaurant! So I would like to work there from now on.

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Coming of age ceremony

Coming of age ceremony was held at Mashiki town in January 12. The day, I got up at 4 a.m. I was so sleepy, but I was exciting because I wanted to wear my mother's furisode. At first, I wanted to wear it, but I thought my sister was beautiful when I looked at my sister wearing it. So I was looking forward to wearing it.

When I wore it, I thought it was trying because I was difficult to breathe well. But I was happy, and my mother said to beautiful. I saw a lot of friends of my local for a long time no see, so I impressed! My friends were so beautiful and became cute, and we had talked never ever. 

At evening, I went to alumni association. The party was so fun, and I was so happy to saw my teachers for a long time no see! We continued to talk with them. I thought I was nice to saw them.

I thought I must appreciate to my parents and my sister, my grandparents and my around people. I regreted that cannot show my furisode my grandfather, but my grandmother cried to see my furisode. So I thought I was happy that can show it my grandmother, and I impressed so much. I hope my grandmother lives a long life. And I thought I become grow up more and more.

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Kanjyani-eight's Concert!!

I went to Kanjyani-eight's Concert in Fukuoka, January 4th. I like them, but I am not their fan. My friend like them so much, so she gave me their concert ticket and I went to the concert with my mother. I have been to their concert once, so I was looking forward to going to their concert!

At that day, we arrived at Fukuoka in noon. So at first we went to go to lunch. After that, we took a bus and go to Yahoo dome. There were a lot of people, so I am always so tired. We entered in Yahoo dome at once.

The concert was so nice! They sang a lot of songs from their album, and I like the songs. I was exciting! And their talking time was so interesting, so I laughed many times. Also, Yu Yokoyama danced 'Yokaitaiso-daiichi'. He was so cute, and I impressed the scene.

The concert was so fun, and I was happy that my mother looked like enjoy. My mother decided to enter their fan club. I hope we go to their concert again!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Sports Presentation Review (Miri Anai's presentation)

I will write about Miri's presentation. I listened at 1132, January 7th. She introduced about fencing.

At first, she introduced about history of the fencing. The sport came from western swordsman and started in 18 century. Fencing is official sport in the world, and it is famous. Next, she told about rules and how to play of the sport. The sport needs a glove and a jacket, a mask. The sport competes to use a sword, and push with enemy each other. The rules are 4 m distance and 3 periods, and time of a game is 9 minutes. There are three athletic events, for example, foil and sable, epee. Next, there are about 9 thousands players all over the world. But it is not popular sport in Japan. Next, Yuki Ota is famous player in the world because he won a silver medal for the first time in Japan.

Her presentation was good because it looked easily for me, and she had researched about fencing well. I had watched the Olympic games of fencing, and I impressed the games. So I was interested in this presentation, and I could fun to hear it. There were a lot of things that I did not know, so it is great! I surprised about fencing is not popular sport in Japan, because it is a Olympic competition. And I was sad, so I hope the sport becomes be popular sport someday. If I give her bad points, she should use more pictures. But I thought her presentation understood easily for everyone, and fencing is a kindly sport by most people.

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Sports Presentation Review (Karin Sakata's presentation)

I will write about Karin's presentation. I listened at 1132, January 9th. She introduced about lacrosse.

At first, she easy introduced about lacrosse. The sport use a stick called 'cross', and it competes with enemy by scoring. Next, was about origin of the sport. The sport was born in North America and as a ceremony. Next, was about at present of the sport. It is played by 10 boys and 12 girls, and there are a lot of play styles, for example, attacker and mid-filter, defense and keeper. Next, she introduced about three kinds of lacrosse, field lacrosse and box lacrosse, soft lacrosse. Next, was about three kinds of lacrosse rules. The soft lacrosse is played by most children.  Next, was about uniform of the sport. The Boys players wear a mental cross and a helmet, a shoulder and a elbo grove and the girls players wear a skirt and a shirt.

I thought her presentation was good, because it had written about lacrosse well. I have known about it, but I knew three kinds of lacrosse for the first time. I was interested in it, so I want to learn about lacrosse. I would like to watch the games someday. If I give her bad points, she should write it more particularly, for example, I thought the presentation needs more explanations. And I thought she should be louder voice and tries to understand for everyone! And her presentation will be more good.

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